Restoring an old rotten garden bench

When I moved into this house in 2004 I inherited an old garden bench from a now forgotten family member. It sat in the yard here for years, slowly succumbing to the elements. England isn’t known for it’s gentle weather. Over time this bench of wrought iron and wood became rusty and rotten. It reached the point where it couldn’t be sat on. The slats too wasted to support the weight of even the smallest of people. A long time ago I decided that I needed to fix the bench. Restore it to it’s former glory. So that’s what I did.

It took longer than it should. I’ve never been one to fixate on a task. I’m too lazy to set deadlines. Things get done when things get done.

First step was to take the old bench and strip all the old rotten wood off, reducing it down to the iron components. Once complete the iron was painted black and new wood sourced and cut to size. Holes were drilled in the wood and new bolts purchased to secure everything together. The result is from this:

to this: