Five years ago

We are here for a good time not a long time. Enjoy every minute doing things you love with people you love. Life is fragile and fleeting.



When Anj and I were chatting and I gave her the nudge to start blogging again she asked me, “How long have you been blogging for?” Looking down the archive on the side column of this blog you could say I had been blogging since July, because it was July when I first posted on this most recent iteration of my blog:

“I wanted some place to write stuff down which overruns the 140 character Twitter limit. This is it. I’ll try and keep things interesting and short enough to hold your attention. I’ll always appreciate any comments from anyone who happens to drop by.”

But of course July 2016 isn’t entirely accurate. I started blogging, actually first started writing stuff and having it appear online in 2005. Eleven years ago. In that time my blog has gone from self-hosted to hosted. It’s been renamed a dozen times, and it’s been taken down and put back up more times than I care to remember.

But that conversation with Anj made me think about all the history I had sitting in a text file on my computer. All those memories, and the angst, hopes, dreams, and lots of bitterness and resentment. I am not the same person who started bashing keys eleven years ago. I have matured (mostly), become more refined (kinda), and I’m certainly less angry.

Just because the me of 2005 isn’t the same me as 2016, it doesn’t mean I should hide it away. With that in mind I have imported the old blog archive into this site. It will take some cleaning up. It’s raw, it’s dirty, it’s in need of some new-me TLC. You’re going to have to bare with me as I go through over a decade of history, but if you ever cared to know anything about my past, it’s probably in here.

February update

Well, it’s been a while since I found the time to post here. Life has been busy. Working hard and shortly I’ll be moving house. I’m leaving my lovely little flat and going home. I have a house in the town which I have been renting out for the last 18 months or so. I was contemplating moving back and had my hand forced last month when my tenant handed in her notice. If it’s true that everything happens for a reason, then maybe this is one of those things. I was thinking about it, but then it happened anyway.

I’m happy about the change and looking forward to getting ‘home’. For the first time in a really long time I have the means to make my home somewhere I am comfortable and content. Financially I’m better off now than I have ever been and the change to the old house is going to save me money each month; money I can put towards making some changes to the house.

It’s going to be a work in progress and it won’t happen overnight. I want to get in and settled before I start making decisions about what I am going to change or fix or work on. I’ll endeavour to keep this blog up-to-date with what I am planning – if you’re at all interested.

So there we are; February’s update. Next time I post here I’ll be back in my little house. Happy. Content. Smiling.

Contains bitterness and resentment


Last night I found an old blog back up and conjured up some trickery to make it all readable again. It’s been merged into this blog now. My history from 2005 until 2011. That’s a lot of time. I’ve been spending time reviewing my life. Almost ten years worth.
Reading back and seeing the person I used to be has been an eye opener. Someone said on The Twitter, “I bet you’ve changed loads”. More than I can express in mere words. I’m more positive, tolerant, happy. Things might be tough now but things are nowhere near as bad as they used to be. Reading back into my past I was a deeply troubled negative person for a long time. I hated my job. I hated my relationship. I hated me.

I suppose that history has taught be that things have a way of improving if you just stick. So I’m sticking. Holding. Standing in place. With a bit of luck as times passes my lot will improve just as it did in the past. All it takes is time, right?

The tagline for the old blog was “Contains bitterness and resentment”, and I’ve left that in place as a reminder. Because that was me. Bitter. Resentful. But I made it. I improved. I developed a positive outlook. I may have taken one step backwards recently, but I’m committed to making two steps forwards soon.

Things will work themselves out. Of that I have no doubt.