How the coronavirus has affected me

Without question the defining issue of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic and the COVID-19 disease which stems from it have had an impact upon society quite unlike anything else which has happened in my lifetime.

Its unlikely that anything else – barring world war three – will have such an impact on the world as this has. But how has it affected me? Barely.


Lockdown hit and it was strange at first. The streets were empty, the shops started running out of essentials. We had plenty of toilet rolls but could I find flour anywhere? No chance! Queuing to enter a supermarket was odd at first but quickly became the norm. I think we, as a species and as a society, are fairly resilient. We will accept certain restrictions placed upon our freedoms for the ‘greater good’ of society and humankind. This was one such restriction.


Save for the lack of visitors things at home changed very little. We still had our house, our child and each other. We never went without. We were not impacted financially and neither of us – due to our work – had to work from home. That would probably be my worst nightmare; being trapped in the house for days on end. Thankfully for both of us, employment was unaffected. We had to go to work because – heroic pose – society needed us.


My boss is fearless. Truly fearless. But this thing, this microscopic ‘thing’, terrified him. It was difficult to not take on that fear. Fear of infection, fear of disorder, fear of death of oneself or one’s colleagues. I’m pleased to say that none of these things happened. Life went on. Life goes on. Work is as work was. Yes, the type of-

Look, I’m a cop, ok? Let’s add some context to this post. The type of job changed. Shoplifters became burglars, for example. Domestics with through the roof. People, it seems, can only tolerate their spouse if they can leave the house.

Assaults on emergency workers by coughing and spitting became common-place. How awful must a person be to directly threaten the people who are there to help them with an infectious disease?


Life goes on. Its different now but it goes on. Day after day we carry on, hiding our smiles behind masks. I’m dismayed by the struggle people have with maintaining social distancing. It’s a perplexing situation when people cannot avoid parties or groups for a few weeks. Its not just YOUR life you’re playing with, its my life, it’s the life of nurses, it’s the lives of your loved ones.


Coronavirus isn’t going away. Our government is inept and has screwed up with their response to this. Hence why “England topped Europe’s grim league table for highest levels of excess deaths during the coronavirus pandemic.” Source:

Social distancing will remain until next year. Think again if you expect to go on holiday this year. Local lockdowns WILL happen.

But remember; it’s for the Greater Good, okay?

How has living under lockdown affected you? Share your thoughts in the comments.