Twitter changes character limit and everyone loses their sh

Twitter is changing it’s character limit and everyone is losing their mind over it or tweeting “funny” running-out-of-space tweets complaining or celebrating it. This was especially over-dramatic:

The beauty of Twitter is that it’s short & snappy. Now people are going to tweet stupid essays rolleyessmiley hashtag280characters

We can now expect stupid essays within the space of 280 letters. Some people fail to engage the brains they’re born with. The 140 limit was in place because of SMS and that technology has been superceded for many years now. Most tweets DO NOT USE the full 140 characters so it’s unlikely they’re going to stretch it out to 280. Japanese language twitter uses even less characters as their symbols convey far more information than our letters. Fun fact: Japanese/Korean etc are not getting a character increase.

So if you’re one of those losing your mind over this improvement, here are a few tips:

  1. Don’t use all the 280. They’re an option just as 140 was, and the vast majority of tweets use less then 140. “[Only] 9 percent of all English letter tweets use the entire space. The average Japanese character tweet is 15 characters, but English writers use 34.” source
  2. If you follow someone who uses 280 characters and you don’t like it; unfollow them.
  3. If someone RTs a 280 character tweet into your timeline and you don’t like it; turn off retweets.
  4. If you’re the kind to get angry and upset about a change to Twitter; log off and go outside for a bit. Or READ THE NEWS: North Korea makes strategic move as Trump threatens ‘devastating force’

Now, toddle off and try to enjoy your day. x