What’s so bad about Mondays?

The notion of ‘Monday’ marking the return to the working week following a weekend of fun and laughs matters little to me. My working week can start on Monday or Thursday or Friday. That ‘Friday Feeling’ marking on onset of the weekend occasionally hits at 5am on a Tuesday morning after five long, tough shifts. I’m not the type to complain. It’s the career I chose. If I wanted to hate Mondays and love Fridays I’d have chosen something different; something normal.

Today, this particular Monday, is the first of six long shifts. Three day shifts and three night shifts to finish. It’s a tough week when you have a young family to deal with also. Today I have dealt with a hit and run collision, a burglary, and two sexual offences. Each incident is different, each approach different, each Monday different. If its a Monday or any other day for that matter it doesn’t matter! I love going to work and I love doing the job I do. I get to protect those most vulnerable and put away those who caused the most harm. Today, this Monday, was a good day.

The stigma attached to Mondays can become a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think your Monday is going to suck it probably will. If you choose to take Monday by the horns and make it a good day it will be. Don’t fall for the trap of thinking there is some mystical meaning behind the first day of the week and that it will be awful. That way madness lies. To quote an ex-colleague of mine who moved on to pastures new recently:

If you hate Mondays to me a favour and next Monday… be a shark.



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