Eight things you love about yourself.

I’d said yesterday that it is difficult to give myself over to critical self-analysis. I think this task, choosing positives about me, is a little tougher. It’s obvious this list is American-based. Brits don’t do ‘love about yourself’. It was easier to choose 7 improvements than 8 positives. But here goes.

  1. My height. 6′ 6″ gives me a unique viewpoint (and keeps me out of trouble).
  2. My job. I love love love what I do. It’s a privilege and an honour.
  3. Emotional intelligence. I can typically work people out quite quickly.
  4. Laid back. Almost to the point of horizontalness.
  5. I can help people. Be that financially, emotionally, however. I can and do help people.
  6. I love how close I am to my mum.
  7. I take good photographs. It’s something I’d like to explore more. See my Flikr and Instagram below.
  8. Some people sometimes say nice things about the things I write.

Flikr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/alsarcastic/albums
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alsmith77x/


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