Favourite fashion trends right now.

This is a joke right? I haven’t been in fashion since Japan surrendered. I spend half my time in uniform, a quarter of my time in bed, and the remaining time trying to be as comfortable as possible with as little effort and cost as possible. I’m not fashionable. Men who are 40 typically are not. I sometimes joke that style never goes out of fashion, but I wouldn’t class myself as stylish either.

My ‘style’ is typically plain t-shirts (£2 each from Primark) and jeans in summer, cargo-type shorts in summer. If I’m going out I might stick on a shirt which is either plain or subtly patterned. Hoodies and woolly jumpers complete my ‘look’. I do have too many pairs of shoes though – most often Converse or similar.

So there you have it. Plain t-shirts/shirts, shorts/jeans, and something on my feet. That’s my style, that’s my favourite fashion trend.


One thought on “Favourite fashion trends right now.


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