Something you’re proud of accomplishing recently.

Sometimes it’s an accomplishment to just keep my mouth shut. I’m a grumpy, miserable, miserly old twisty git and still having friends (sometimes) and still having a relationship (all the time) is an achievement in itself. I think after enough time elapses you develop an innate affinity with the status quo. You don’t want to rock the boat or accept/adapt to change. You just want to sit in your pants watching the telly, drinking beer and eating pizza.

However; youse lot aren’t going to allow me to choose ‘doing nowt and not complaining too much’ as an accomplishment, are you? (“NO!”) So I’ll choose something else.

In July I finally managed to pull together enough time and assistance to complete the restoration of my bench. I inherited it from I don’t remember who I don’t remember when and it sat in the back yard of my home for years rotting away. I didn’t want to throw it away so together with my stepdad it was restored. From this:


To this:


And I have to say I am pretty pleased with the results.




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