8) Negativity

It’s okay to be negative from time to time. It happens to us all. Life is tough. Life is hard. Sometimes things don’t go our way. Some people are naturally glass-half-empty people too. That’s okay too. It’s okay to sound off, to bitch and moan, to criticise others, to criticise ourselves. It’s only human. I’m negative also, from time to time. I do not sit here and type this from a perspective of the perpetual positivity. I get annoyed at work, sometimes I’m grouchy with my friends, I question the ultimate aim of relationships, of life, of the universe, or everything. It is, as I said, human nature.

So I forgive negativity. I forgive people who need to rant, to vent, to have a quiet moment the themselves, or however else dips in mood manifest. I accept it as part of being human.

There are those, however, who are so quagmired in their pits of despair that it becomes tiresome to know them. Those who have no diagnosis, they are not depressed. They are just miserable. When everything you say to them is met by a negative response. When any attempt to inject humour is met with a snarl or a grimace. When you ask how things are and everything is shit. Who moan – unnecessarily. Who complain about E V E R Y T H I N G    A L L    T H E    T I M E. Those who never smile, never have a nice word to say about anyone; not even themselves.

And, you know, it’s okay to dump those people. It’s fine to say, “you know what, you’re not for me anymore” and walk away. It’s fine to reject their negativity before it breeds and infects. It’s okay to ditch those who make YOU feel down. It’s fine to admit you do not have the strength to carry them any longer.

So I guess the point of this post is a reminder to myself to do just that. I’m going to walk away from those who bring me down. Life is too short to let someone influence me with their sour faced misery.


6 thoughts on “8) Negativity

  1. I will admit, I am not the best when it comes to positivity, as you well know! But I am trying really hard, turning around the negative thoughts, thinking that things will get better, and they are. Having clinical depression is frankly, shit. But I am not gonna feel like a victim anymore and I am going to kick it’s arse 😊 X


  2. Maybe those negative folk really need help turning their thinking? I was extremely negative for years, still can be but I’m honestly a nice person ❤️❤️❤️



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