Twitter isn’t real

Twitter, despite what you may think, is not real life. It’s a medium for communication – in tiny meaningless chunks – with little or no substance. Time and again I see fallings out and bitching, and the odd self-styled messiah with his sycophantic imbeciles hanging on every word.

People take these 140char bursts of communication to heart. They use them as barbs to attack and harass others. They take what people say on the internet seriously.

Time and again I see people raging over some imagined slight on Twitter and I’m aghast at how personal people take such things. Unlike real life Twitter has handy tools. Two of the most important are as follows:


If someone is giving you a hard time, or if someone is talking trash about you, AND YOU DON’T LIKE IT, use the handily available tools and remove those people from your (virtual) life.

I do sometimes wish that real life had those buttons. It’d make life so much easier if you could just erase someone’s ability to harm you with the click of a button.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is this: Twitter is a meaningless yet useful tool for communication. Don’t take it so seriously and you might get out alive.



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