January Photo a Day Challenge #1

I did this last January and enjoyed the results. Sometimes you gotta think hard about what you’re going to post to fit with the prompt. Here are the first six from 2015:

1. New

2. Change

3. Organise

4. Black & white

5. Clean

6. Outside

Next up are dark, from a low angle, colorful, bright, in between and texture.

These are posted on my Instagram first.


5 thoughts on “January Photo a Day Challenge #1

  1. Photo 3 makes me smile, you have the exact same amount of matching mugs and glasses, both arranged on the shelf in exactly the same way! Are you one of these “neat freaks” or was it just for show? Photo 6 is lovely. I take it that’s Clare and your son in the picture?


  2. What an interesting concept – I think I may “steal” this idea from you. It really makes you look at life from a different, unique angle and see the things in your life, that you take for granted, as being special and worthwhile. The last photo of your family is wonderful, something to be cherished.


  3. I really really like the Clean picture. It’s simple, it has a clear and attractive composition, it has something a bit abstract but most of all, it feels very warm. It feels unfiltered and unsaturated and real, vibrant without being too sparkly about it. I think that makes it fit the subject of the photography and of the theme. Really well done.

    I wish I’d seen those prompts before! Maybe I can just use them in February. Or from the Chinese New Year instead of our New Year. Hmm.


  4. Great idea! I really like ‘organise’ and ‘black and white’, and ‘outside’ is a lovely photo too.

    I’d never heard of this challenge before; I mostly take random silly photos of whatever my cats are doing, or cakes I’ve baked…..I may try this for February though.



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