Is this thing on? I’m alsarcastic

I used to have a blog a long time ago. I kept it for five years. It saw me through relationships, jobs, the birth of a child, the breakdown of friendships, online endeavours that went well and those which went not so well. It was an honest, faithful companion. Through thick and thin, there it was. For me to vent, opine, whine, discuss, or laugh. Memories were caught and kept. Lessons learned were always at hand.

But then somewhere somewhen I stopped. Just stopped. I forgot it. Stopped posting. Stopped submitting my memories. Stopped storing my thoughts. Stopped capturing my emotions.

And truth be told, I miss it, so now there’s this. For me to capture and keep all the things I want or need to catch or keep. Good and bad. Beautiful and ugly. Lessons learned and experiences best forgot.

If you want to take a peak into my life or into my mind then this is the window to look through. I can’t promise you’ll like what you’ll see, but I can promise you’ll get an eyeful of alsarcastic.



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