Rant: She must think I’m made of money.

Times they are hard. Not to the point of poverty, but I’m not exactly rolling in it.

Last month she asked me if I would like to go see George Michael. Not really, no. But I relented and agreed because I thought it might be good for us to do something together. Tickets in the region of £80 each. Who ends up paying for them? Me.

If you wanted to ask, “will you buy tickets so we can see George Michael?” then just say that don’t drop a bombshell of “oh I haven’t got any money you will have to pay for them”. It’s not like I had any choice either when Terry had put them on his credit card.

I sold my bike this month in order to pay off a debt. I used £80 of it to pay for the roof to be fixed.

She wants me to pay the car tax (on her car) this month too. That’s another £80.

Yesterday she dropped the boy’s school photo order form on the mantle piece and said, “put your card details on when you’re ready”. That’s another £30. Running total, £190. From £341 for the bike. Once eBay have taken their 10% it leaves me with very little left. So much for paying off debt. This is what the selling of the bike was all about.

Annoyed doesn’t cover it.

But am I annoyed at paying out this money or am I annoyed that I am too much of a coward to say no?


4 thoughts on “Rant: She must think I’m made of money.

  1. Wait, does she not get any money? I mean if she’s a full time parent to your boy, it’s understandable that she expects full time financial support from you.. However if she has a job, and you have a job, then I can see why you’re annoyed.


    1. Mikey, she earns just as much as me. It is supposed to be a partnership. I pay the roof, she pays the car. Last night guilt trip about how she can’t go to Harrogate on a Hen Party and pay the car tax too.


  2. Its not about money. You’re not in love with her. If you were, the money wouldn’t be a problem, you would shower her with your last penny. You’re resenting her & blaming her when really, if its your child, and her car is for the use of your child, it wouldn’t be an issue, you would pay up without thinking. Time to either move on, or for the sake of your child, get some relationship counselling. Does she know you resent her asking for money? It doesn’t sound like she does. You really need a full, frank discussion with each other before the resentment turns to pure hatred. Which is not good.


    1. Joy, you’re probably dead right but the problem is my last penny was already spent and this was more than I could stretch to this month. But she doesn’t see it that way and just expects. In many ways it’s less the asking and more the style of the ask which stings. Dismissive. Expectant.



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