We’ve had a bit of a struggle recently with the boy and a reluctance to go to bed. Compounded by a lack of resolve (effort) on behalf of his Mum, and a lack of commitment on behalf of his Dad to ensure he goes to bed on time.

*immature comment of the day* Seems like it’s my job to enforce a routine. If I am not down here then she won’t insist he goes to bed.

Last night I came down stairs at twenty to nine. And Tom was on the laptop playing cbeebies games. He’s three. Part of me was thinking its pretty amazing that he knows how to use it, even the mouse-pad. The other part of me was concerned that he was still up AND on the computer so far past his bedtime. I’m not going to apportion blame here, as I could have come down stairs earlier and helped convert wired and awake Tom to going to bed now Tom.

I didn’t.

This morning, partly due to my ability to sleep through nigh on anything, she was exhausted. Tom had been up half the night, didn’t want to go to sleep (I was asleep before him) and finally went off about 2am, or so I’m told. I slept through it all. It’s more blessing than curse. 😉

I said to her this morning that we’d make a pact. Tom to come in or start settling at 630, PJs on by 7 and bed at 730. Tonight was the first test.

I took the boy up at 730 as planned. Read a story, give him a kiss and a cuddle. He wrapped his arms around my neck and said, ‘I’m never letting go’. I extricated myself from his embrace, came downstairs and 10 minutes later checked on him and he was fast asleep.

Sleeping children; the best kind




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