I am sorry, dear readers, that it has been so long since my last post. I have had my head up my arse in many respects, and this blog took a back seat. That is not to say that my time has been wasted. Oh, no! I’ve moved house! Yay! And jumped on the Dead Island bandwagon with a new forum. YAY!!

First the house move, man that is stressful. We only moved 500 yards ish, and we had a week or more before we had to hand over the keys to the old place, but I don’t know if having that time and short distance actually made things worse. If we’d been moving far and had to give up the keys right away, we would have had to get stuff done right there and then. Instead, because we had time, we took it. Considering we moved in 4th March, it’s only today that I have finished doing all the little jobs I needed to do at the old house. The female has been irritating me due to how stressed she is over it all, and I think that has made things worse for me. I’m naturally chilled out, yet have been feeling some pressure, mainly, I guess, due to her taking things so hard.

It ain’t life and death, dude. Get over it.

But now I’m in and I almost like the place. It still doesn’t totally feel like my home yet, but then neither did the last place. But then, in many respects it feels familiar. Maybe I expected a new house to be a new start and that things would be better. Maybe I should give it more time before I start being all negative and hung up. It’s done now. For good or for ill I’m committed.

Some of you will be thinking right now, ‘you don’t seem too sure about this’ and you’d be right. Others, or maybe the same people will be thinking, ‘you bought a house with someone even though you’re not sure about this’ and you’d be right. Sue me. My life. My mistakes to make.

What’s done is done, say some people. I don’t, I say ‘what’s done can be undone if you just set your mind to it’. Nothing is permanent.

In other news, I sold my car. 😦 Or rather I accepted an ebay offer made on Friday night. Not heard anything back since and starting to worry a little bit. Poop!

I’ll talk about the Dead Island thing in a little bit. I just wanted to get a post up in March since I had not yet.

It’s good to be back.




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