The person that gave you your favourite memory

Dear Tom,

My boy. I remember, and always will, when I held you so tightly the day you were born. Mammy had to go see the doctor and you were left with me. Just the two of us. It was late, I was exhausted and so were you. You had been through so much. You looked bloodied and battered, but I was amazed by you. So totally in awe of you.

You slept against my chest and I did not ever want to let you go. I like to think that we bonded that night. That you felt safe and loved and that you will always feel safe and loved when you are with me.

As we say, ‘you’ll always be my baby boy’. I know you’re bigger now. You’re growing up, but when you tell me you’re my baby boy it makes me smile. I hope you’ll never be too old to be my baby boy.

You’re my most cherished memory and I hope that, as you grow older, we have many, many more shared cherished memories.

Always know that you’re loved unconditionally.




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