Someone you want to give a second chance to

Dear Frankie,

You were part of the dream team. The York crew. We had some totally awesome days and nights out and it’s such a shame that after you got married you felt it was best to ditch your friends. Friends are for life, mate. Through it all, and in a totally non-gay way, we would always have each other. I imagined the four of us doing York still in our fifties and beyond. Sure, we’d probably not have the stamina for twelve hours of boozing like we do now, but dammit we’d give it a shot.

When you stopped coming with us, and we were reduced from a foursome to just three, part of the group dynamic changed. We miss you. The other guys won’t admit it, but fuck them, ha! I’d always be prepared to welcome you back to York. It doesn’t matter that we haven’t talked in over a year or more, come back with us. Let’s do it like we used to. Yeah?



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