Eugh. Back to work tomorrow. I hate my job. There, I said it. Last week I got a verbal warning for sending an inappropriate email. What was so inappropriate? I criticised management. Hey, you’re a manager, expect people to criticise. It goes with the territory. When the days are passed where you can form an opinion, you know things are messed up.

I was talking to one of the other guys in the office last week, and we decided that we have a woman’s job. Now now, don’t get all antsy about my gender stereotyping. I have soft hands. I have the job of a girl. I need the job of a man. Something physical so I’m not sat getting soft and fat all day long. I want to work hard and get tired and come home happy and satisfied. Anything but more time spent in that hellhole.

Short week for me though this week. Only two days. I need some time out. I intend to be busy getting ready for our house move. Last week’s crap got cleaned up easy enough on Friday. We just needed to talk about stuff. She actually apologised for giving me a hard time too. Haha.


2 thoughts on “Employment

  1. Short week = less pay, so that’s bittersweet, unless the days off are gonna be holiday paid.

    If you hate the job so much, try to find another (i’m sure you have), I’m sure your local council want bin men or something, would that fall under a “mans job”? :p

    As for getting a “mans job”, I think when you get into the police force you’re gonna wish you savoured every minute you spent sat on your ass 😉


  2. Short week on account of holiday. Nothing bitter about the sweetness. 🙂

    Binmen get paid really well, you know? But since councils are cutting back jobs….



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