drunk women turn me off

J came in after being in the pub all afternoon. Stinking of booze, slurring her words. Not at all attractive. I’ve had a pretty good day with Tom. We watched the entire first season of Ben 10 Alien Force, played with playdoh and wrestled a bit. Tom let me practice my body slams on him. I held off on tombstones – will wait until he’s 4 before we try that one. All in all, a good day. Tom falls asleep, I put him to bed, and I’m chatting to Kory on MSN when J gets in from the pub.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to be this late.”

“Its fine, I don’t mind.”

She then goes into an indepth explanation of her friends emotional state (I’m not interested) and then starts reading me text messages she’s been sent by someone (I’m not interested) before reciting the daily updates from Facebook. The reason I cancelled my Facebook account was to avoid the daily updates.

“What’s this on the t.v.? I don’t think I’ve seen this one. Xmen and its Wolverine.”

“This is the Fantastic 4.”

“Oh. Can we watch Million Pound Drop?”

“Davina annoys me.”

“We can play along.”

I guess I don’t have much choice really. Davina does annoy me, but not as much as drunk females who insist on leaning on my arm with their elbows sticking in my ribs. Especially when I’m typing. I’m having an MSN chat, but now I have to do it one handed. This is uncomfortable, your elbow is in my ribs, and you stink. Please get off me.

I excused myself to go to the toilet and now I’m in bed writing this to get the frustration out. Then I hope to fall asleep quickly to avoid further drunken associations.



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