I seem to be really sensitive at the moment. My thick skin is being shed and replaced by a softer more vulnerable pussy skin. Even stupid little comments from people that I know are not hostile toward me are making me recoil. Thing is, I give it but I am starting to develop into someone who cannot take it. This is both online and in the real world. This is coupled with a general impatience with most people around me and a frustration in being told (or expected) to behave in a certain way.

I even got annoyed with mother when she advised me to buy some wellies.

I got hacked off when my suggestion for an original wooden floor, not cheap laminate, was not even given a cursory consideration before being rejected in favour of carpets.

Hell, yesterday someone ‘called me gay’ and I got pissed off to the point where they got blocked… and that was in a game!

Am I just getting old and soft? What the hell is going on?