I feel like a weight has been lifted now that the interview has been and gone. They’ve said that they take the assessment centre score, add your interview score to that and put you in a ‘pecking order’ from highest to lowest. Then, when the election is decided, and they know what funding will be like, they will take the top X from the list and they will be given jobs. There’s nothing more I can do. Assessment, interview, all behind me now. It’s just a case of waiting to see if I made the cut.

I’ll find out in June.

Inother news I’m going to get my eyes lasered. I won’t get into the Police on account of how bad my eyes are, however they will allow laser surgey / vision correction, so that’s what I’m getting done. Due to the physical nature of Police work, I have to have a certain type of surgery. Lasik intralase wavefront. I had a laser assessment at Optical Express and the bill came in at a whopping £3190. I’ve managed to get that down to £2395 so far, and I’m hoping I can work it down to under £2000 before my next assessment (this time with Optimax) on 10th May.

It is still a huge amount of money, but (and this is how I justified it), I’ll save on contact lense and glasses, I’ll be doing a job which not onlt will be more rewarded that the one I have now, but will also pay more. After a year to the sum of £5000 more. I think that’s decent enough and justification enough.

Whilst all this has been going on I’ve pretty much had my head up my arse with regards to internet stuff. And I need to make a decision on if I’m going to persist with all of my online projects, or narrow them down to one or two, or get rid and move on. That’s still up in the air. Forums in particular take up a huge amount of time. Time I don’t have in abundance due to other life stuff. So do I back out and let things go? Seek an alternative? Or wait…..

I’ll wait.