I want to talk about Madeleine McCann

From findmadeleine.com:

It is now more than two years since Madeleine was taken from us – more than two years since we saw and held our beautiful daughter, since Sean and Amelie played with their big sister, since we were a happy family of five. Without doubt, two years seems a huge proportion of your life when you’re six years old, but in reality it is just a tiny fraction of the life which lies ahead of you. It is important for us to keep looking forward.

Far from it for me to take away from the plight of these parents who — regardless of the accusations of foul play, covers up, neglect and other such things — have lost their daughter. It’s sad. I can say that as a parent.

News recently has been both hopeful: ‘Victoria Beckham look-a-like’ clue in Madeleine McCann disappearance.

…and stunning, shocking, disgusting in the disparity of money thrown at this ’cause’ compared to the many other worthwhile potential uses of public money: British police reveal £745,000 bill for Madeleine McCann hunt.

I read that one million children go missing every year in the United Kingdom and the United States.

2000 a day in the US.
One every 5 minutes here in the UK. One every five minutes.

So what about these other kids? Don’t they matter as much as Maddie McCann? Are they not important enough for just some of that three-quarter million pound bill? What’s so special about this one person?

Nothing? She’s special to her parents and her family; no doubt…. Oh, and let’s not forget she’s important to Opera Winfrey.

But she ain’t important to me. And there is more to consider here than one girl from a rich family and upper-middle-class lifestyle. Thousands of kids, unsung, unmentioned, unreported. Thousands ignored. I don’t want to sound like a sniveling whiner, but so much more could be done. But instead it’s all about Maddie.



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