Merry Winter Festival

I hate this time of year. Christmas sucks the big one. I’m actually pleased to be going to work tomorrow for 12 hours, and 12 hours the next day. Beats sitting at the parents getting fat, eating food I don’t want just because it’s a tradition. Better to go to work and earn some money for next year when the car needs it’s M.O.T. and other stuff like a PS3 and HDTV. Well, I did promise myself.

Merry Winterval everyone. My New Year resolution is to update this blog. I’m also contemplating taking a year off Facebook because it annoys me.

I told someone on Tuesday night that I don’t actually like people all that much. I’ve spent the last few days trying to navigate my way around morons. Morons in shops, morons in cars, morons who stop and gawp when I’m trying to move to my destination unhindered.

Saw a car crash today and thought the person in the wrecked car was pretty damned lucky they were hit by someone else and not me. My car probably weighs three times the other car in the collision. It would have been messy.


Time to go pretend I’m actually enjoying myself somewhere.

If you read this, leave a comment.

Thank you very much. =)



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