Let down

I’d would have rather they just said they didn’t want to go.

I ordered four tickets to the Funny Bones comedy night which is a monthly thing they do locally. I did order them for a couple of friends of mine, but they were booked for a wedding tonight (and now have been hit by swine flu!) so couldn’t make it. I asked around and two of our mutual friends said they’d like to go. Coolio I thought. Nice people, have a few drinks, all good.

Well, apparently, whilst driving back from Scotland, a tire blew out and they can’t make it. It’s one hour to go. I’d rather they’d just said “we don’t want to go” or even better told me a few days ago so I could have got the tickets palmed off on someone else. Let down. Tickets were £10 each, so it’s not a huge amount of money, but now they’re wasted. I was giving them away but now they’re just going to go in the bin.

Ahh well. It will be a good night anyway. I think one or 12 drinks is in order. I start my diet on Monday so I need to make the most of tonight.

I think I’ll even have a pizza — with garlic sauce.



It’s been fun, interesting and at times chilling to read back through these pages. I think that’s the beauty of a blog or a journal. I had forgotten how I felt at the time I was told Tom was expected, or about the time when Heidi knocked out Louise, or about the changes we went through at work; or rather how they made me feel.

It’s been good too, to see the damn rollercoaster of me & Jenny over the years from “girl of my dreams” to giving me chronic neck pains, to mother to falling out and making up and all the time me in the middle utterly unable to grasp what is going on. This last day reading though the stuff I wrote in the past has made me realise that it was a good idea to start this thing back in April 2005; even if I did have doubts at times, and stop at other times, and change direction from time to time.

I suppose what I’m getting at is, it’s good to be back, and it’s good to be reminded of stuff. Now, Tom is two, Jenny and I are together but living apart. I’m still at Orange and I still want out. I’m looking at some options. Getting somewhere perhaps which I’ll explain another time.

Life, as they say, goes on.