Do you know Ween?

I’m currently in the process of ripping every CD of Ween that I have to my hard drive. There is something about their ‘Don’t give a damn’ music which inspires. Many people I know don’t like Ween or have never heard of them, so I am here to spread the word about their genius. Click on the link to the right, the one that says “Ween” and have a look around the site. Being the groovy guys that they are, you’ll find MP3’s to download, videos to check out and other assorted paraphernalia.

Also check out Ween Radio for 24 hours a day streaming Ween. Can’t beat it (You’ll need winamp).

I think the reason I like Ween is the reason many uptight wankers don’t. The first track I heard by Ween was Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down) on the Chocolate and Cheese album. Goes a bit like this:

Am I gonna see God, mommy?
Am I gonna die?
It really hurts mommy!
Am I gonna die?

It’s difficult to try to explain the feelings you get when listening to it, because it’s kinda not funny but funny because they’ve written (and released) a song about something which is not funny. Get me? I don’t . . .

And this really is the appeal of them to me. Emotions which flicker between hilarity, disbelief, sadness, joy. I don’t know of any other artist who is capable of reaching such esoteric emotional triggers as Ween.

Check them out, and if you don’t like it, you’re obviously not cool enough.


3 thoughts on “Ween

  1. I am not cool enough. However I found cool to be what encapsulates the nothingness that all the dejected malcontents use from school onwards to try & sell you the notion that they have something you don’t.
    So you got nothing. I say that matter of factly without any anymosity or pomp whatsoever.
    Though it’s cool that you get them, even though it may elude you as to why; if you get me?


  2. …or perhaps you’re taking the “not cool enough” statement to heart, despite it’s innocuous intent, because it hits home in ways you have yet to comprehend. The sub-conscious is a powerful thing.

    …if you get me.


  3. Oh touche. 🙂
    I have to grant that my subconscious is indeed a very powerful thing. There, sincerely admited.

    My therapist could not get me to admit that in so many years of futile sessions.

    (j/k – But seriously I am sure he/she could not have.)



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