Blair to Blame for Soldier’s Death, Says Wife


Let me get this straight in my head, because right now I am beginning to wonder if logic and reason have flown away to have a party somewhere and not informed the civilised world. What you are saying is that Tony Blair caused the death of this man? Right? Never have I seen such a pile of crap. This is how it works:

  • You join the army
  • You fight for your country
  • You die

It’s not difficult, is it? Not exactly ROCKET SCIENCE.

If it wasn’t Iraq, it would have been somewhere else, maybe even somewhere closer to home like Northern Ireland. You simply cannot join the Armed Forces and then complain when you get shot at, or blown up.

“Ann Toward said Guardsman Anthony John Wakefield would not have died if Mr Blair had not sent troops into war.”

I’ll give you a cookie for that one. It’s tantamount to saying that you wouldn’t get hit by a bus if you didn’t cross the road. Very true, but unavoidable. Joining the Army is asking for trouble. I don’t care what your stance on the war is. I am not exactly thrilled by our involvement, but we are there now so need to get on with the task in hand. But you have to agree that this is such a stupid thing for her to say. Granted, Blair sent him overseas, BUT HE DIDN’T HAVE TO GO! We have this thing, us Humans, called ‘choice’. We might not have full freedom to do as we please but we always have a ‘choice’. Gdsm Wakefield’s ‘choice’ was to join the Army and therefore his death was caused by HIM. Nobody else, HIM. He is the reason he is dead, not Tony Blair. The sooner muppets wake up and understand this the better.


6 thoughts on “Blair to Blame for Soldier’s Death, Says Wife

  1. Amen to you thinking that person claiming Blair is responsible for the soldier’s death is spasticated.


  2. I understand that she is hurting. Her husband is dead. But, if you were in this position, would you want to publicly make a tit of yourself or would you want privacy for you and your family? I’d choose privacy over acting retarded.


  3. “Retards should be shot”, that’s lovely, really. You are quite right, though – and if I ever got a job in the military, I’d quit it before getting married, personally.



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