My poor baby!

Sarah is in hospital. When I woke up this morning I had two missed calls recieved at 4 am this morning from Sarah. I tried to call and got through to voicemail. Very strange, thought I. I few minutes later I got a text saying, ‘Everythings ok will speak to you later’. Called again, voicemail once more.

I’ve been worried sick all day. It just isn’t like her to not turn in for work and to not give an explaination. I sent several messages and called a few times to try and find out what was going on, but naturally, no reply.

I’ve just recieved a call from her Dad’s partner saying that she is in hospital and has had her appendix out. My poor babe under the knife and I wasn’t there to support her. I feel awful about that. I’m going to have a bite to eat and then go up to the hospital to see how she is. I’ll update you on this later.


Just got back from the hospital. She was tripping out on morphine which was, uh, interesting. I’ve never seen her high before. Couldn’t help but smile. Anyway, she seems to be in high spirits and despite the obvious pain was able to sit up and talk to me. She should be out on Thursday sometime but I told her to make the most of it and take as much time off as she could. It’s what any conscientious employee would do, right?

I’ll pass on your regards whether you want me to or not.



17 thoughts on “My poor baby!

  1. yikes. lucky it turned out to be some so minor (i say minor because she’s ok).

    and sure, you can pass my regards. i know a guy who had appendix out. thing was, though, that it had already burst when they got it out – so he had a tube stuck in him for a few days to suck it out. guess you can tell her that if she’s wanting to feel better about her perdiciment =)


  2. yike, a whole week?

    no, that guy wasn’t you. he got to the hospital within a few days; got a nice helicopter ride off the island and everything.

    a week with a burst apendix… -shock-


  3. I got a sudden pain in my side but didn’t think anything of it. Do you ever get a pain in your side if you run too far or too fast? It was like that. Then, when I got home that night I started to be sick. I vomited until it was just bile coming up. Went to the Doctor the day after and he gave me some sickness supression pills and said I had food poisoning. I went a week thinking I had (really bad) food poisoning before thinking I should get a second opinion. They operated on me within three hours of this.


  4. i was down that near road a couple of times as a child. Got sick a few time’s and the doc said, next time we will have to remove your apendix. Well never had that major 3rd time pain+puke, so I guess all is well. Either that or It will be my doom (seem’s more likely). odd thing, I ate 4 pogo’s today (hotdog on a stick) and a heavy load of pancakes, and now my stomach hurts…(tomorrow it will be my ass hurting). Sorry for the visual.

    Glad Sarah is ok and “pain free” (atm with the M assisting her). Sneak a cell phone pic of her all “high and mighty” (giggles). Nah, not a time for jokes I know. Well give her my best, and tell her ‘Snag some M from the hospital!!’ lol.

    oh an Lmao@ Terry drooling on his girl’s back. that made me laugh out loud.



  5. about the newest pic in your gallery where Terry and his old lady are passed out. thats what I was talking about for those confused πŸ˜›


  6. Best wishes to her.

    I was in France like every frigging easter for the last 15 years, and all of a sudden I turned lobster red. My mother was worried sick, and we rushed to a hospital because my parents thought it might be my appendix. Turned out to be a nasty allergy though.

    I hate hospitals, mainly because I’ve had about 19 operations on my legs….At least you know she’s doing fine.


  7. about the newest pic in your gallery where Terry and his old lady are passed out. thats what I was talking about for those confused

    yeah, thanks for clearing that up =P



  8. Wow that was sudden… glad the operation went well, anyway.

    I’ve talked on MSN with her a few times, so she may remember me. Give her my regards πŸ™‚

    Next time I get a stitch without running, I’ll go to the doctors immediately πŸ˜›


  9. oh! that reminds me (not sure what did, but yeah), theres a trick to know if it’s your apendix. push down on it and if it stops hurting when you push on it: go to a doctor. if it still hurts it’s just hurt.

    not 100% on that, but i’m sure enough to tell you guys, so yeah.


  10. I find the way to stop it hurting is to bend over and touch your toes. Hold it there for a few seconds, and breath deeply. It should get rid of the pain when you stand back up.

    well, it works for me…



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