Is it entirely pointless?

I went for something to eat with my girlfriend this evening (let’s be pedantic; it was yesterday evening, it is almost 4a.m.) and I mentioned that I had created this weblog during our conversation. The response?

“You’re not one of THEM are you, a blogger?”

“Yes”, I replied, “I suppose I am.”

“Isn’t that totally pointless? When I see a ‘blog I just think, ‘no-one’s interested!”

Sometimes I think she just likes being critical. She makes up for my almost perfection by highlighting any flaw (or supposed flaw) that she can.

“Yes, dear, it’s a ‘blog. An online diary and I write it for ME not for anyone else.” It is here so I can capture my state of mind at any given time and reflect on the events and multitude of emotions, feelings, thoughts, desires, blah.

I suppose that she does have a point (sort of) because there is no purpose to this journal other than a chance for me to waffle as I habitually do. But with that in mind, is there any point to GF or any other website? Is my entire online persona – which I have been working on for two years – a complete and utter, pointless, waste of time?

To answer, ‘perhaps’. Also, ‘but I really couldn’t give a damn if it is pointless in anyone else’s mind’. I recognise, understand and accept the point of view of those who sneer at ‘bloggers’ or people who use forums or partake in any online activity which isn’t work based. The problem, however, is that I couldn’t give a monkey’s left testicle for the opinions of those same people who roll their eyes and are dismissive when something like a blog is mentioned.

It isn’t for you, it is for me. I don’t tell you how to spend your time, so don’t you dare think you have the right to tell me how to spend mine. Take your holier-than-thou opinions and cram them up your arse – sideways – so they don’t fall out and continue to infest good folk with your whiney attitude.

People look at bloggers and they automatically think ‘geek’. I bet people looked at my good pal Bill Gates and called him a geek at one time. Those same idiots are now cleaning up his offices and using his products. Bill Gates, Champion of Geekdom! Note that I don’t aspire to make a fortune or a living out of this or any other venture I may or may not undertake in the future on the interweb, I’m just pointing out that geeks rule the world.

If you do ever read this, Sarah, then please note that this isn’t a rant at you, it is a rant about the general attitude that many people have toward people who own and operate websites in their spare time. It’s an ‘us and them’ thing, so no hard feelings, ok? xx

Time for bed…



2 thoughts on “Is it entirely pointless?

  1. Well a “blog” for me is to read about what that person is doing in there life or there interests. It’s not a website but that a “journal”. AzH is from the UK and I am from Canada, it;s not often I can read the daily life or activities from someone oversea’s and a blog allows me to witness just how alike our two nations really are. (am I stuck on a ramble?) A Blog is an online hobby, creation, website, whatever you want to call it. You “blog” as you “Chat” as you “IRC” as you “MSN” as you “Message Board”. Same shit, different method of expression and design imo.

    cheerio! fuck spell check, enjoy my childish grade 10 spelling mistakes…



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